Monday, September 9, 2013

Best Birthday Cake Ever: Part 2

Well, I can now say that I really made it.  That is, made it through the first year of motherhood!  I have many people to thank for this epic achievement.  Namely, my most fantastic and supportive husband, the Three Aunties of Camberville (you know who you are), and my awesome dragon parents group.  Of course, we must not leave out the six adoring grandparents and other family and friends who have been amazing and loving as well.  It really does take a village to care for a little one.

In celebration of our sons' first birthday, I followed the recipe from the smitten kitchen blog for the best birthday cake.  Note:  The first time I made this was for my husband's birthday.  I had a few mishaps (if you want entertainment, see previous post), which I learned from so this time the cake was PERFECT!  It seemed fitting that we make this particular cake again because the first time I made it I was very early pregnant (so early I didn't even know yet).   I like to experiment in the kitchen, but when it comes to baking I am really trying to be better about following the recipe least the first time through.  It's so hard for me, but I am getting better :)  This successful second attempt is enough to convince me that I should trust the experts first time around.

I followed the recipe exactly for yellow cake with chocolate sour cream frosting, so I won't bother to write it all out.  We didn't find it to be too sour, it was a great pairing with the moist and dense cake.  I went a little light on the frosting, so I did have some leftover (at least a cup).

For frosting, I put a little dollop of icing on the center of the serving platter to hold the bottom layer in place.  Then, I slid some slips of parchment under the cake on all sides so the dish would stay clean post frosting.  My husband made the sun design by cutting a stencil from parchment.  Even though it wasn't intentional, I like the rippled effect of the icing caused by the parchment stencil.  It reminds me of the way heat creates a disturbance or distortion in the air.
The layers cooling

The Sun Cake
Either signing for "more" or perhaps clapping because he liked it?
My son looked absolutely astonished and delighted that I served him an entire slice of cake.  He had lots of chocolate frosting smeared into his clothes, deposited in his ears, and wiped through his hair.  Cake was being double-fisted, and crumbs were flying!  Happy birthday and thanks for taking this wild ride with us.

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  1. Anyone would be delighted to be served with such a delectable chocolate cake. Your baby looks so cute with all the chocolate frosting smeared all over him. So what are you getting for his birthday this year? =) Jason Underwood @ La Patisserie