About the Hangry Foodasaurus

Who is the Hangry Foodasaurus and What is Hanger?

My name is Angela, and I often experience a condition called Hanger.  I love good food, good coffee and yoga.  These three items every day help to keep hanger at bay!

For me, the term Hangry came about one day on our travels in Seattle, WA.  See the first post for the full story.  How many of you have ever been so hungry that you become irritable and snap at your nearest and dearest?  Maybe your kids exhibit symptoms of Hanger now and again but you just couldn't put a pin on what to call this emotional/behavioral blend?

In any case, whenever I describe Hanger to others they immediately nod in agreement and delight to know there is a term for this condition and those who suffer from it, like myself, are not alone.  So, to all Hangry people out there and your counterparts, this blog is for you!

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