Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why, "The Hangry Foodasaurus?" one might ask.

Let me begin by explaining the terminology.  Hungry + Angry= Hangry.  

I first heard of this term while searching for "Victrola Coffee & Art" on Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA.  A friend of mine in Ithaca, NY said, "I know you like good coffee and when I lived in Seattle, I lived at Victrola."  We were headed to a destination wedding on San Juan Island off the coast of Washington with a bunch of friends.  There were record high temperatures for May in the Northwest this particular week (90 degrees).  

Of course in our pursuit to find the best coffee in Seattle, my husband and I proceeded to drag the whole crew of friends we were with up an incredibly steep hill in the blazing heat to find this place.  Along the way, I was chatting with and getting to know my friend's boyfriend (now husband) who I had never met.   It was lunchtime and we were all a little hungry and the ginormous ascent and beating sun were not helping matters. My friend's boyfriend began to tell me about "hanger," a phenomenon where the blood sugar gets low and the irritability-meter skyrockets.  Something told me he had witnessed this scary transformation a few times as he seemed concerned that a hanger attack might be coming on soon with one of us in the group.  

In fact, it was the perfect word to describe what comes over me when I need food (or coffee) and am hitting a desperate low.  It can be so bad that even though I know eating will help, I just can't put the food in my mouth and I turn into a horrific, terrifying beast flying off the handle!  I thought this was brilliant because I never had a simple word to describe this monster who best be given some food immediately.  

Now the Foodasaurus part.  I like to eat really good food.  This reduces hanger.  

Thus, I dubbed myself the "Hangry Foodasaurus" and I hope you enjoy the tales of my adventures.  By the way, the coffee at Victrola was amazing and we were able to enjoy cappuccinos on Capitol Hill sans-hanger.