Sunday, June 26, 2011

Here Comes the Sun!

Yikes!  I've been a bad little blogger, but now that I have my inspiration, I'm here to stay!  A  few things have sparked a renewed excitement and interest in eating and cooking.  

1) Swiss Air + a trip to France
2) Cape Cod
3) Red Fire Farm's summer CSA (community supported agriculture)

I have to say it was quite a dreary and long winter.  With a lack of fresh fruits and vegetables I began to rely on baked goods, hot soups and stews, and heavier dishes in general.  I love these foods, but after 6 months or more it gets old.  In the dead of winter (which seems to persist in the Northeast) it is nearly impossible for me to remember what a fresh tomato tastes like or freshly picked sweet corn (not cooked, mind you) eaten directly off the cob.  Ahhhhh summer :)

But now, it's officially here (as of 5 days ago) and the HF is ready for all the veggies and tasty summer treats I can get my claws on!  

First things first.  Our trip to France. There is so much to say about this trip.  However, it all began from the moment we chose Swiss Air.  If you are flying to Europe and you have a choice, go with Swiss Air.  From the time you get on the plane, you are on vacation, seriously.  I usually hate flying (we won't get into this today) but even on the red-eye I was super-comfy in all aspects, especially in the food department.  It is non-stop eating and drinking.  Hot towels, surprisingly delicious coffee, chocolate bars, croissant (you can even get seconds!), and two full meals on a 6 hour and 45 min flight.  

(Side Note: They give you REAL silverware and let you keep the entire beverage bottle). 
And the ice cream, oh my.  I literally thought it had crack in it because it was the most addictive substance I have ever laid my taste buds upon!  If I remember the ingredient list correctly it was made with heavy cream, eggs, sugar, gruyere, and some kind of caramelized sugar/toffee center.  I definitely had it twice in one day.  Honestly, I had ice cream at at least 3 different places in France and the Swiss Air ice cream wins, hands down.

I want to save some fun food adventures for another day, so I will keep you guessing what my next post will be about with this parting shot.  Can you guess what it is?  Please post your feedback!

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