Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to Provoke a Hangry Foodasaurus (HF)

If you want to see a Hangry Foodasaurus in it's finest moments (and by that I mean ferocious and unpredictable) take note of following lessons:

Lesson 1) Attempting to tell jokes, make light of a situation or use humor in any of its forms is an extremely effective way to get the dragon eye look on the face of the HF.  If you are really lucky, the HF might even begin to breathe fire.

Lesson 2) Trying to have a rational conversation with the HF.  This leads to frustration and miscommunication because the HF is generally shaky, irritable and unable to think clearly.  A sure-fire way to cause everyone frustration.

Lesson 3) Giving the HF a quick fix item like a cookie or other sugary snack.  This initially seems like a great solution as it temporarily reduces hanger.  However, if not fed properly in a reasonable amount of time, this sugar high plummets into a major catastrophe thereby magnifying the hanger, shakes, dropsies and such.

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  1. You sly thing! I talked to you on Friday and you never told me you had a blog! It's great! Are you planning on creating an association of HF? I think I could be a member!